Day Two, Post 2B – Flash Back to Arrow

Remember yesterday, when I wrote about angst in the CW network’s DC hero the Flash, and how it’s a superhero trend, maybe for the worse?  Since the show The Flash is a spin-off of fellow CW Arrow, based on fellow DC hero the Green Arrow, The Flash may be following Arrow‘s lead.

Consider: Oliver “Green Arrow” Queen has a corrupt-politician mother who let them get swindled out of the family business, he and his sister Thea have different fathers, both men got mixed up with Ra’s al-Ghul, Green Arrow’s gotten one sidekick killed (by Thea for her birth father) and had to deal with another’s (supplied by Ra’s) drug addiction, Oliver’s US Government handler and Ra’s both want Oliver corrupted to their own ends, and a freelance hitman’s been gunning for Oliver since the beginning.

Then there are the love triangles: chiefly Laurel Lance (Sara’s kid sister)/Oliver Queen/Felicity Smoak (Oliver’s and Ray Palmer‘s aide-de-champ)/Ray Palmer himself (also known as fellow superhero the Atom).

Of course, Arrow‘s had a two-year head start on all of this morbid nuttiness, so it’s not as overwhelming as on The Flash, but still…

More to come, true believers of the Distinguished Competition, but first, I’d like to hear what you’d think.