Kanye 2020, VMA 2015 – Need I Say More?

Sunday, August 30, 2015, ending his 5-minute-long acceptance speech at the MTVVMAs, Kanye West claimed to be running for US President. Taking this seriously, we have the possibility of both the dumbest and vainest First Lady in USA history, and a President who confuses “assertive” with “aggressive,” and “the good fight” with “preemptive strikes motivated by presumptions about people who call liberal means counterproductive, and thus must be bigoted for opposing liberal means.”
And if this is Kanye’s idea of a joke, and/or an attention-grabber, then this is possibly the dumbest attempt for both in recent times.

Kanye and Miley – Party ‘Till You Drop!

And for viewers -or at least me – “drop” means the 10:30 mark. That’s when possibly the two biggest stories of the night for the MTV 2015 Video Music Awards reached memetic status.
1.) Miley “Hannah-Montana-no-more” Cyrus – Oh Miley, I know (or at least THINK) you’re spoofing your public image (I’m over 21! Woo-Hoo!), but it comes off like you just want to keep partying until you drop, and this is more of the fun.
After the Kanye West acceptance speech (which seems to have backfired on him, see more below), Miley dropped the self-satire and went into full-on self-satisfaction, making her bad public image worse and Vanessa Beyer’s defamatory attacks (IMO) on her more truthful than defamatory.
2.) Kanye West. When Taylor Swift was introducing him, she all-but-flat-out called him an ignorant, unfair ingrate, leaving him looking hurt. In a long, possibly-thought-up-on-the-spot acceptance speech that MTV ikely was too scared to cut short, he said he was grateful for the award and the cheers, admitted that he came off too strong while fighting the good fight and for artistic expression, and that he meant well. He also claimed that MTV exploited his infamous criticism of the network – and himself by extension – for ratings reasons, leaving Taylor looking steamed. Lastly – and who knows if he’s kidding – he claimed to be running for President in 2020.  Twitter promptly blew up, with posters yet again calling him a self-righteous bully (see the #MTVVMAs hashtag for August 30-31, 2015, for why).
(BTW, Beyonce Knowles, whom Kanye claimed in the upthread video to be a better and much-more-memorable show-woman than Swift, was nowhere mentioned, never mind shown. My money is on both her and MTV not wanting her in the theater, on anybody calling her out, in case Kanye dragged her into his complaints.)
In related news, Nicki Minaj is still her outrageous self, Justin Beiber’s starting a comeback, and Truth.org is now running anti-marijuana ads.

Disgraceland with Paul Briggs

Graceland character and rogue FBI Special Agent Paul Briggs, played by Daniel Sunjata on the USA Network show, is pathetic – in his grand desire for revenge over his having gotten his fellow-Fed girlfriend killed, he’s set every faction in his and his current team’s little world against each other – and acts like he doesn’t care who gets hurt. (See previously.tv for why.) In real life, his FBI supervisor would have had his shield confiscated by now, though prosecutors would be scared of Briggs getting a defense attorney who could convince a jury that Briggs was berserk with grief at the bad guys at the time. But hey, it makes for “good drama,” right?

Best Joke on TV Tonight – by Jimmy Kimmel

No, not how uneven and divisive Rizzoli & Isles seems to be – Jimmy Kimmel just joked that if Republicans can have their own madmen polling strongly heading into Iowa, then the Democrats might as well draft Joe Biden just to keep up.