What are Person of Interest “Fans” Smoking?

[Note: This is a rough draft; I’ll be working on it more this weekend.]

Person of Interest started on CBS in 2011 as a cyberpunk twist on police dramas.

By 2014 it turned into sexist and racist trash (both women of color are brutalized on-camera – and replaced by women not of color; practically all the women on the show are written as unprofessional and self-righteous anyway). In a new misreading of comic books as both story and art, the writers think that we could sympathize with brain-cell Harold “renamed Ben Linus” Finch being written as a sniveling coward – when his actor, Michael Emerson, not only can’t sell that to the viewer (or at least this viewer), but brings to mind Ben Linus’ self-servitude and -justifications instead with that material.

Then there’s the supposed good guys accepting a raving-lunatic opponent of theirs (another sterling example of the women on this show, and one of the women-not-of-color-replacing-a-brutalized-on-camera-woman-of color) as a partner and not as a marriage-of-convenience in the face of a common foe.

Said common foe, the second of the show’s two hacking-into-computer-feeds-for-vigilante-work-computer-systems, sees anybody not on its team as a threat – and denies the supposed heroes successes in saving people whom the first system wants saved.

And then what fans the show has left EXCUSE this with “It’s really cyberpunk darkness that had to be sold as a cop show.” And CBS can’t complain without pissing off the show’s fans, supporters, producers, and writers – and can’t let back past actors or get rid of the crazy lady mentioned earlier without a lot of hurt feelings somewhere.

I hope you’re happy, “fans.”

[Note: Post subject to change this weekend.]