Disgraceland with Paul Briggs

Graceland character and rogue FBI Special Agent Paul Briggs, played by Daniel Sunjata on the USA Network show, is pathetic - in his grand desire for revenge over his having gotten his fellow-Fed girlfriend killed, he's set every faction in his and … [Continue reading]

Fantastic 4 and Mickey-Mouse Negotiating

The Fantastic 4 (a/k/a Fantastic Four) remake's been accused of suffering from the same problems as The Amazing Spider-Man: dark-tone cash-grab designed to appeal to critics while keeping publisher Marvel Comics' owner Disney from reclaiming a fallow … [Continue reading]

Day Two, Post 2B – Flash Back to Arrow

Remember yesterday, when I wrote about angst in the CW network's DC hero the Flash, and how it's a superhero trend, maybe for the worse?  Since the show The Flash is a spin-off of fellow CW Arrow, based on fellow DC hero the Green Arrow, The Flash … [Continue reading]

Welcome to My Blog!

Welcome, folks, to my new blog!  Here, we'll be talking about science fiction TV shows and movies - not just what's on now, but also what's been around a while, who does what better, if these guys can join forces to create one great project instead … [Continue reading]

Best Joke on TV Tonight – by Jimmy Kimmel

No, not how uneven and divisive Rizzoli & Isles seems to be - Jimmy Kimmel just joked that if Republicans can have their own madmen polling strongly heading into Iowa, then the Democrats might as well draft Joe Biden just to keep up. … [Continue reading]