“Sausage Party” – Choking Hazard?

I haven’t seen yet Seth Rogan’s apparent attack on Pixar movies, Sausage Party, but (an-apparently-sabotaged?) ad campaign makes its premise – talking food literally ripped to shreds – vomit-inducing.  Despite the good reviews and Internet chatter calling the movie funny but mean-spirited, and for all the complaints about how implicitly anti-Christian the movie supposedly is (Canadian tax dollars at rest, people), I’m wondering how soon until reports start surfacing calling the movie sickeningly gross.

Supergirl’s Cat Grant – Pest or Threat?

[Note: Draft to be fleshed out at a later date] Cat's real problem is that's she's given Kara (why not Linda, writers?) no reason to trust her (not part of Clark's inner circle, abuses the staff, sees Supergirl as a scoop). The … [Continue reading]

What are Person of Interest “Fans” Smoking?

[Note: This is a rough draft; I'll be working on it more this weekend.] Person of Interest started on CBS in 2011 as a cyberpunk twist on police dramas. By 2014 it turned into sexist and racist trash (both women of color are brutalized … [Continue reading]

Heroes Reborn? Or Refunded?

Heroes Reborn - Tim Kring's paycheck reborn.  That's probably the only reason why he wanted to do this mixed-bag whose pedigree (heh) it's struggling to escape. On Television Without Pity - in February 2014, back when it still had a forum - I … [Continue reading]

MiSciFi – Film Fest/Con/Time to Shine

Let's talk about film festivals - and conventions. For us fans & students of sci-fi/fantasy genres, they can in spirit be the same to us. Both are chances for the best and brightest in our fields to show how and why we are who and what we are, on … [Continue reading]

Star Wars Episode VII – or VIIs?

Given the Star Wars Episode VII Canon/Legends division and disparities among different versions of the saga, Star Wars fans may have to accept, if most haven't already, what Star Trek fans may have already decided on, fan writers were already doing, … [Continue reading]

Kanye 2020, VMA 2015 – Need I Say More?

Sunday, August 30, 2015, ending his 5-minute-long acceptance speech at the MTVVMAs, Kanye West claimed to be running for US President. Taking this seriously, we have the possibility of both the dumbest and vainest First Lady in USA history, and a … [Continue reading]

Kanye and Miley – Party ‘Till You Drop!

And for viewers -or at least me - "drop" means the 10:30 mark. That's when possibly the two biggest stories of the night for the MTV 2015 Video Music Awards reached memetic status. 1.) Miley "Hannah-Montana-no-more" Cyrus - Oh Miley, I know (or at … [Continue reading]

New Layout – It’s Better!

I've decided today to get a better-looking, better-suited layout for the website.  I like it 'cause it looks like a nighttime sky, perfect for science-fiction comments.  I hope you like it, too! … [Continue reading]

Better Living Through Happier Posts

After re-reading my past few posts, I've seen how negative, reliant on other people's work, and light on sourcing they've been.  To compensate, I'm moving over to more-positive and better-sourced reviews and comments, as well as original content and … [Continue reading]